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Change Harbour delivers successful and innovative technology strategy, business process analysis, change management/organisational design and project management consulting assignments to the legal sector. All Change Harbour consultants combine extensive experience of both the domestic and international legal sector with broader experience gained from working in alternative industries.  Our clients range the largest international firms to domestic partnerships based in single jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, Africa and the US.

Change Harbour provided invaluable advice, guiding us through the complex process of developing a digital strategy for our business.

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Our Services

Strategy. Design. Implementation.

Technology Strategy and Implementation

Developing and implementing innovative information technology strategies that support and enable business change

Change Harbour consultants have real-world experience of developing and implementing technology strategies for a variety of law firms around the world. This experience has driven real and sustainable success within the industry, with many of the approaches being recognised as hugely innovative and market leading.  Our expertise enables us to address the full range of IT strategy and implementation issues including business alignment, IT architecture, product selection, technology roadmaps and technology innovation.


Business Process Improvement

Transforming legal business processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness

In recent years law firms have become increasingly aware that their businesses are process centric and that optimising these processes is fundamental to improving client service, delivering internal efficiencies and maintaining the quality of legal work.  We have a deep understanding of way law firms work and many years’ experience of implementing process improvement in a number of key areas including business intake, resource management, matter management, billing, business development and legal transaction management.

Organisational Design

Aligning the design of a firms IT and other business support functions to the strategic objectives of the business

Aligning organisation structure and governance to business strategy is critical to enabling effective execution.  We have undertaken a number of assignments to assist firms in identifying the right organisational design and approach in diverse parts of their business but covering the entire range of business support functions including IT, business transformation, marketing, knowledge management, risk, HR and finance.

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Project and Solution Delivery

The successful implementation of specific technology solutions through best practice project, programme and change management

Strategy without effective execution is worthless.  While we are expert in helping firms develop the right strategies and tactics in a number of key areas Change Harbour consultants are also expert and experienced in actual solution delivery.  Our consultants have managed a broad set of projects for a number of firm in diverse areas including ERP (SAP) implementation, datacentre consolidation, cloud migration, outsourcing and business process improvement.

Legal Project Management

Designing and implementing effective strategies for the adoption of project management methodologies and techniques within a law firm’s legal practice

The application of project management disciplines to the way lawyers run their matters is recognised as an important way in which law firms can respond to the new challenges facing them in the increasingly competitive, diverse and dynamic economic world in which they operate.  Change Harbour deliver a comprehensive set of services to enable firms to identify and implement the appropriate legal project management strategy for their business.

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Print Services Review

Independent expertise in the ever-changing world of Print Services

Agile working – the new normal?

It’s a new world and things are never going to be quite the same as we get back to “normal working” post Covid.
Business leaders need to think about which roles they absolutely need to have in the office, and plan accordingly. And the workplace that those employees will be settling back into won't look the same as the one they left a few months ago.
The existing hardware employees utilised to support their work, such as printers and Multi-Functional Devices (MFD’s), won’t be deployed or used on the floors in the same way; and neither will the contracts that underpin them.
When supporting a client through a Print Services review, extra emphasis needs to be put on:

• right-sizing your current MFD / printer estate and associated costs in light of agile working
• renegotiation of existing (long term) print contracts. Don’t feel trapped with a contract shaped to a world we no longer inhabit, and a service you no longer need
• enabling remote workers with creative and secure print along with document collaboration solutions
• accelerating the digitalisation journey to paperless / paperlight
• business continuity planning from a print and hard copy perspective
• assessing the opportunity to streamline manual processes with workflow solutions.
• providing comprehensive detail around security of information (home and office)


We will provide guidance and best practice methodologies to help support your firm along this journey.

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